Monday, November 20, 2006

How Gmail could be better

This is just a short thought but I was using Gmail today and it occurred to me (as I was tagging some emails) that it would be a hell of alot easier if I could select multiple tags from the pull down menu all at once. I almost always tag my emails with more than one tag so I have to select the menu, select the tag, then repeat; sounds too simple to complain about but i get *alot* of emails each day and tagging them (the ones that I don't have a filter setup for) is a bit of a pain. If they could have a tag menu kind of like does (suggested tags then all the tags) where one can just pick and choose from that would be really nice. At the moment I am in a sloooow internet cafe so even clicking on the menu takes a second or two for it to come down, the repeated actions add up.